Privacy Policy

Stichting EMTRUST Privacy Policy 2018


Due to the sensitive and confidential nature of its business Emtrust is strongly committed to personal data protection and to discrete handling of business information. This document informs visitors of the Emtrust websites and customers on personal data protection. For the hotline subwebsites Emtrust is to be qualified as a data controller and the hosting party and the customer organisations are data processors.

What this privacy policy covers

Emtrust complies with the data protection regulation as in force now and as per 28 May 2018. This implies that technical and contractual measures are in place to safeguard the processing of personal data in relation to an assignment.


The personal data collected in interaction with an Emtrust confidant or through the hotline subwebsites or through the culture survey are only used for those services respectively.

Personal data; special personal data

The personal data we collect, obtains – or may upon your consent obtain includes – individual’s name and surname, telephone number and email address. Completion of the website form may contain personal information regarding another individual within or in relation to the Emtrust customer-organization. The personal date may also include sensitive data, such as health or sexual orientation of an identifiable individual and are therefore treated accordingly.

Sharing the data

Data shared with our confidants are not disclosed to anyone else, except in so far as the law requires. The data provided on this website or subwebsites are only shared with third parties for the above purpose. Personally identifiable data other than mentioned above will not be shared unless required by law or with explicit consent.
Personal data will not be shared to parties outside the EU.

Measures taken

We have taken the appropriate measures to protect the personal data in relation to the assignments.

Your personal rights

Every visitor to our website may enquire what of his or her personal data we hold in our systems.


Should you have any complaint regarding the processing of your data, then let us help you solve the issue immediately. Our DPO can be reached at:

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